Hello, I’m John…and I’m a Hobbyholic.

As a self professed “jack-of-all-trades”, I have been known to pick up and put down hobbies like a professional weight lifter. I tend to enjoy bits and pieces of everything, from technology and video games to traveling and photography. I never really planned on creating this blog but I realized how many pictures I have on my hard drive from the past couple of years and decided to use them for something…giving the photos from the land of misfit pictures a bit more purpose I guess.

I love interacting with people so don’t hesitate to drop me a message/comment.

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  • Love your site. Especially appreciated your recent pros and cons of WordPress article. Sharing that one with my friends! Keep being awesome. 🙂 Audrey

  • Thank you very much!

  • Thank You for coming by The Hood and liking a few posts. Always great to meet new people and see what they have to share with the world! Great site and I will back often!

  • Hi John, thanks a lot for following my blog. Hope to see you around. I’ve just started to read your posts and they’re awesome.

  • Thanks Leela, and you’re welcome!

  • Ray Laskowitz

    Thank you for following Storyteller. — Ray

  • Thank you for the follow, John. Poking around in your website I can see you are multi-talented: traveler, photographer, and hobbyist. Do visit often!

  • Hi John, Thank you for following my blog. I enjoy looking at photos and can’t wait to check out your blog. ~Steph