Best Edge Panels for the Galaxy S7 Edge

I recently upgraded to the Galaxy S7 Edge due to my first option being the Note 7…for obvious reasons. One of the key features of an “Edge” device are the “Edge Panels”, but what are the best, or most useful? There isn’t a whole lot of “Good” edge panel add ons so far but here are the top 5 Edge Panels (not in any kind of order)  that I would say are the most useful.


screenshot_20161025-104505#1 – Weather Channel Edge Panel

I like this app because normally I would have used a widget on my home screen that would end up taking half the screen space. Having it on the Edge panel brings it up only when i feel like checking the weather.





screenshot_20161025-104422#2 – Calculator for Edge panel

One app that I use semi-frequently but not frequently enough to warrant an icon taking up space on my home screen is the Calculator app. The calculator Edge Panel allows me to have it ready when i need it but allows me to keep my home screen clutter-free






screenshot_20161025-104458-pngasdas#3 – Quick Tools

The reasoning behind this panel is similar to the reasoning behind the calculator panel.  I’ve always liked using my flashlight widget but now i can clear it off my home screen. It also has some other tools like the compass and ruler, which to me are more for funzies rather than being something useful.





screenshot_20161025-104431#4 – Spotify Playlists

Not everyone will have Spotify, and some will use Pandora or some other music app…but there are edge panels for those as well, I just happen to be a Spotify user. This panel lets you quickly play a playlist from your Spotify app without having to have the app on your home screen. Again, less clutter makes me a happy hippo.  #happyhippo




screenshot_20161025-104436#5 – Yahoo Sports

This panel is great for anyone who likes sports but doesn’t have the time to watch every game or doesn’t feel like paying for ESPN. Put all your favorite teams on the Yahoo Sports Panel and quickly see the scores of any game those teams are playing in.





There are a few others which could be handy that I don’t use because I still prefer having a full page widget over having the edge panel. Also, more than 5 edge panels ends up getting a bit ridiculous, so things like the google calendar, and google keep i would rather keep on its own full page widget.

What’s your favorite S7 edge panel? Let me know in the comments!