3D Print From Your Cellphone? – MINDBLOWN #2

It seems like it was only yesterday, when my mind was last blown by the innovations in the 3D printing world. The game is changing at such a fast pace lately that it almost hard to even keep up with, but here we are again, our minds blown to smithereens.

First up, a new 3D printer by Solido3D called the OLO.  This 3D printer allows you to turn your cellphone into a working 3D printer. It works fairly similarly to Formlabs Form 2 printer, which uses light and a pool of resin to form the object. So, instead of putting “down” plastic like most 3D printers out today, this one pulls the object “up” out of the plastic.  What makes this one so much different, is that now the light from any cellphone can be used to cure the resin, turning your cellphone into a portable 3D printer. Below are a couple of videos describing and showing the process.

In other mind-blowing news, NASA has successfully tested a rocket that is made up of roughly 75% 3D printed parts.  This greatly reduces the amount of valuable resources needed to make a rocket. Combine that with Space-X completing its landing of a reusable rocket (which also uses a few 3d printed parts as well) and you have a much more cost effective way to build rockets.

Lastly, there are some new greener innovations in the field taking place as well. I think everyone is well aware that filament is quite a costly material, and depending on how much you use and scrap with each part, it can really put a dent in your wallet. That’s where this last #mindblown printer comes into play. The folks over at ReDeTec have come up with a printer design that can recycle your scrap plastic for you to use in your future prints!  You can even melt down plastic soda bottles down and turn them into filament. Watch the video below for more details.

If you already have a printer, be sure to drop by my page over at Thingiverse.com! I upload free parts and also videos on how I made the parts on my youtube channel. Check out my most recent submission below or head on over to thingiverse to grab the free files.