Christmas Crafts – How to Make a Mesh Wreath

DSC_6056Every year after Thanksgiving our family has a tradition of doing a “craft day” at my grandparents house instead of going out into the chaos of Black Friday shopping. Every year we end up picking out different things to do so we never end up doing the same craft twice. Last year we made little snowmen that were made out of socks and rice, sounds weird right? They actually look pretty cool, but I don’t have a picture of them right off hand…yet. This year we ended up making some Christmas decorations like letting the kids paint cardboard items and some other figurines and stuff.


DSC_6060The “main event” craft for the day were these Christmas wreaths that were made out of a mesh material that I’ll never remember the actual name of.  While watching my other family members do it I imagined it would be fairly difficult to make but when it was my turn at the craft table I was surprised at just how quick and easy these things are to put together.  I noticed people on have been selling these Christmas wreaths for anywhere between $50-$100, which for as easy and cheap as these things are to make, seems a bit ridiculous.  All you really need is a roll of 21″ mesh, a wreath form, and some decorations to add to it, or no decorations at all if you’re a scrooge…I won’t judge. Personally I like to keep it simple and add just a few decorations. As you can see in the main picture at the top, I only added a few Christmas flowers and a “Merry Christmas” tag to my wreath.

Below is a good tutorial on how to make these wreaths for yourselves. Use #captainhobbyist to show me your creations on instagram and twitter, or join us all on Facebook! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Some other photos of the wreaths