TOP 5 Lesser-Known Travel Spots in NY for 2015 / 2016

“Attention all hobbyists, this is your captain speaking!” It is getting close to that time of year again, where we take a look back at what we’ve done and enjoyed during year before we reset for another new year to come. It’s been a hell of an opening year here as Captain of this Hobbyist ship and I’m glad to have shared my experiences with you all. Below is my top 5 list of the best lesser-known travel destinations you can find in my home state of New York.

  • Corning Museum Of Glass – Make Your Own Glass Studio

    Cropped Glory hole Wineglass
    Such a great place that you just cant really find anywhere else. If you’re in the Finger Lakes area it is a must see destination. Lately it has been busier than normal so make sure to stop by their website and book in advance. You’ll also find out which limited time items are available to make on there as well. This place is easily one of the top 5 in the state.

  • Letchworth State Park

    A beautiful place to go any time of year, and probably the best hiking spot in New York State. Within its 14 miles, experience a large number of outdoor activities from hiking, to camping, to canoeing, etc.. There’s something for every kind of outdoor enthusiasts there are. The main time of year I like to go is in the early Fall season when they have the huge Arts and Craft show.

  • Apple Picking Along Keuka Lake

    Apple Barrel Orchards
    New York is one of the top states that produces apples, and since a lot of these other gems on this list seem to be somewhat near the Finger Lakes, why not stop and pick some apples while your out. There are plenty of U-Pick places to chose from, but I tend to prefer Apple Barrel Orchards in Penn Yann, NY.  It is located at the top of Kueka lake and give you a nice view as you pick pounds and pounds of apples for a super cheap price.

  • Sterling Renaissance Festival

    The closest thing to “time travel” as you can physically get in 2015, is going to a Renaissance Festival…an there just so happens to be a great one right below Lake Ontario in Sterling NY. Comes with hecklers you can throw tomatoes at, live jousting, and giant meats on sticks! OH, and you can throw axes at things.

  • The Amazing Maize Maze

    Going to this corn maze has been almost a family tradition for as long as I can remember. I’ve seen many other corn mazes through the years but this one always stands out to be the biggest and most enjoyable every year. Plenty to do and enjoy in and out of the maze too.


A few honorable mentions that didn’t make the top 5.