Apple Picking along Keuka Lake – Things to do in NY #11

Apple Barrel OrchardsIt has been quite some time since I have gone to any of the U-Pick farms in my area, and I can only guess it is because I also tend to do a lot of my own gardening at home. I naturally tend to steer towards a bargain though, so picking my own food that I don’t normally grow on my own seems like a natural fit.

When I was much younger than I am now, my family used to take me to a ton of U-pick places. I can only remember one, and by “remember” I mean “barely remember”…I’m old :(. I know it was in Rochester NY and I know it was near Lake Ontario, so I want to say it was at Green Acres Farms…but I could be wrong. I remember it being huge, with a big gift shop with ice cream. There might have even been a horse, I don’t know anymore haha. The point being, it was a great family activity.

Now that the roles have reversed and I have kids of my own, I also seem to gravitate towards anything I can do with my family that doesn’t involve a couch or a screen of any sort. Even though I am an avid technology user, we didn’t have all of these distractions that kids have access to today. See, I AM old, so get off my lawn already.

This year we went to a place in Penn Yann to pick apples called Apple Barrel Orchards. It is just up the hill from the shoreline of Keuka Lake, and while you are out in the orchards you can get a decent view of the northern most portion of the lake. While I don’t think it is the biggest U-pick place to go to in the state, it surely seems like best place for apples, grapes, and cherries.

The people there are very nice and welcomed us when we arrived. They gave us the low down on which apples we might like the best and here to find them. Me personally, have no idea what any type of apple tastes like, all apples are apples to me haha. So needless to say, I had to try them all while hiking around the orchards #sorrynotsorry. The pricing when we were there was incredible. Something like $0.45 cents per pound. That’s madness when you consider grocery stores are charging anywhere from $1.99 to $3.99 per pound! MADNESS!  For a brief moment, I thought about quitting my day job to go back and pick ALL THE APPLES just to resell them *evil grin*.



Some Other photos from the day.

Apple Orchard Family Portrait

Apple Barrel Orchards

Above: Photo of Apple crates….Below: Photo of Apples in an orchard.

apples in an orchard


  • megan malanga

    I can’t wait to have a kid around this age. I have a severe need to go apple picking with someone young enough to be molded by the experience!