Blood Moon Photography in Corning, NY

DSC_5888There won’t be another blood moon mixed with a lunar eclipse until the year 2033. I guess that was enough motivation to get me out of bed and out into the night to put another notch in my photography belt.

There was quite a bit of hype leading up to this rare event. Articles and countdowns were everywhere in the month or so leading up to it that I was oddly excited for it. I didn’t really know why though, since I really didn’t know what to expect out of it. I imagined this earth-shattering experience where the moon was insanely large in the sky, like getting hit in the eye with a big pizza pie (that’s amore!). It didn’t really go down like that though. The size seemed pretty average to me so it wasn’t anything that blew me away, but there was still a lunar eclipse I could enjoy so I’m glad I stayed up for it.

I ended up walking around my town for the hour prior to the eclipse to scout out some possible vantage points. I ended up where I originally started though since the moon was too high up for me to get anything interesting going within the town itself. So I ended up parking my butt in front of a large local tower called “Little Joe”.  I must have taken a good 50 photos during the eclipse but ended up picking this one as my keeper shot.

DSC_5843Even though I was tired and wasn’t looking forward to waking up early for the word the next day, I am glad I stuck around. While my images aren’t really anything to blow anyone’s mind in the photography world, I always enjoy what I end up with.  As a hobbyist, I don’t have access to the best and greatest camera or lenses, so I am already at a disadvantage on the grand stage haha. Doing things like this does make me realize just how much it takes to get those award winning shots though, and always makes me curious about whether or not I should start investing in some better lenses at least. Sooner or later I’ll get around to writing a post about what gear I use but incase you are curious…I use a Nikon D5200 with the basic lenses it came with. They don’t even go below an aperture of 3.5 I don’t think. I’ll make sure I have a better setup for the next “Super Blood Moon” in 2033 haha.

DSC_5857The main issue I had taking these with my current gear setup was getting a close enough image to make out the details. Detail was another issue too though, as my lenses must have been dirty or something as the moon looked blurry in most shots, but….that’s the life of a hobbyist! Practice…practice…practice haha. The rest of the images here are from my scouting walk around the town that I felt I had to take advantage of since no one is usually around that late at night.





Enjoy and leave me a comment with any tips or trick you might use think I should give a try!



  • Michelle

    This is great! Wish I had stayed up for it too!

  • Thanks Michelle!

  • B Marie Yovcheva

    Wow, you’re photos are amazing! Keep up the awesome work, you “hobbyholic”! 😀

  • Thank you very much! I shall continue the “hobbying”!