10 Amazing but Unobtainable Gifts Your Man Would Love

The summer is over, which means Christmas won’t be too far away, and if you are like me you probably wait until the last minute to decide what to buy. After knowing someone for awhile gifts can be pretty hard to find for people, so I have put together this list full of things every guy would love to have…even if they are WAYYY out of 99% of the populations budget.

#1) The  CarDok

The closest thing to a “Bat Cave” any guy could have. It is custom built and lets you hide your car below ground and also lets you fit two cars where you would normally only have room for one. You can find more information here.


#2) The Seabreacher Sailfish

Your personal dolphin shaped boat to spend your days hopping in and out of the water with your significant other. Who would ever want a jetski after owning one of these.
You can find more information here.


#3) The Emporer LX

The ultimate gaming chair or workstation. It comes with touch screen controls, tilting/rotating chassis, air filtering system, perimeter lights, and more. The only thing I feel like it should have but doesn’t…is a mini-keg cooler.
You can find more information here.


#4) Terrafugia Transition

As close to what the Jetsons promised us we would have by now.  Traffic ahead? No problem anymore, as you can just switch to plane mode and fly away! I have no idea how legal that is though haha
You can find more information here.

#5) Rinnspeed sQuba

“But Captain Hobbyist…I don’t like the sky. I’m more of a water guy”. Well don’t you worry, I’ve got you covered there too! Inspired by the infamous James Bond submarine car, this beautiful piece of work actually lets you not just drive your car underwater, but to actually “fly” underwater.
You can find more information here.


#6) The Golf Cart Hovercraft

Show those golf snobs who’s boss with this unique golf cart, or take the phrase “Play it where it lies” to a whole new level as you make your way over the water hazards haha.
Find more information here.


#7) Jetsurf

A surfboard that makes its own surf. This one has been something I have dreamed of having for several years now. As an avid lake goer, this would be perfect for the calm flat water in the mornings.
Find more information here.


#8) The Aero-X

The Aero-X – A rideable hoverbike that uses giant fans to keep you off the ground. Can fly up to 45mph and keeps you flying about 10 feet above the ground. It is supposedly easy to learn to ride as it reacts much like a bike does to your leaning.
Find more information here.

#9) A full sized replica of the Space Shuttle

Who wouldn’t want their own space shuttle in there back yard? Just don’t forget to get your replica space suit too.


#10) World View Orbital Voyage

If spaceships on the ground aren’t your thing, then get yourself a ticket to check out the earth from as high as you can possibly get without being an actual astronaut.




Are there other absurd gifts you can think of? Drop them in the comments below!