Top 3 Gardening Tips You’ve Never Heard before!

DIY Raised Garden Bed - gardening tips and tricksI love my garden and I’m sure everyone has someone in their family who has passed down a few tips and tricks to a successful harvest. I built my first DIY large raised garden bed a couple years ago and thought I would share a few tips that I know of and use for my own garden that I haven’t really heard of or seen anywhere before.

Tip #1 – Use Pinwheels

DIY Raised Garden Bed - gardening tips and tricks - pinwheels

Moles have been mowing through my garden for two years now. Last year they ate little rows out of all of my cucumbers and this year they chewed my lettuce down to the nubs. So, I bought a few pinwheels on Memorial Day for a couple dollars and placed them throughout the garden. At this point there has been no damage since I put them in! The vibrations apparently scare them away. Try it and save your garden from these pesky critters.

Tip #2 – Grow Grapes Along Fence

DIY Raised Garden Bed - gardening tips and tricks - grapes

Growing grapes along a lattice fence is great decoration AND gives adds to your annual harvest. Just make sure to stay on top of weaving them through the fencing so it doesn’t turn into a wild jungle around your garden.

Tip #3 – Use Plastic Bottles to Avoid a Frost

DIY Raised Garden Bed - gardening tips and tricks - plastic bottlesDepending on where you live, you may experience a random late frost. May weather in New York keeps you on your toes and we usually get one last frost before winter finally gives up. It can be 90 one day and the next day we get sleet and have a week of frosty nights. The bottles act as mini greenhouses to protect from frost and also help with growing seedlings. Using a utility knife, cut of the bottoms of the bottles and work them into the soil around the vegetation. You can increase warmth by mounding the soil around the sides of the bottle. Also, make sure you use bottles with caps which can be screwed on at night prior to a frost.

Happy Gardening!

DIY Raised Garden Bed - gardening tips and tricks - what to grow - layout